Delay Pills – Premature Ejaculation

The Delay Pills come with a guarantee to help you with your manly issues. It comes with a unique blend of natural herbs that regulate the release of different hormones in the body which are responsible for triggering ejaculation. When these hormones are released after a while, the premature ejaculation is not a concern. This way, you can enjoy hard and long erections without ejaculating quickly. The Delay Pills directly acts on sexual organs and hormones, which are important to their function.

Delay Pills

Delay Pills Review: A Breakthrough Cure

Are you one of the unlucky souls who don’t last long in bed because of premature ejaculation? According to the survey, around thirty percent of men suffer from this problem. The majority remains within the ages of 25-50.  This is a growing concern, and it is wrecking relationships worse than anything else.

What are the ingredients?

The sophisticated blend of herbal powders and extracts in each capsule consists of:

  • Cnidium monnieri – Supports the function of hormones
  • Cuscuta chinensis – A fine Aphrodisiac
  • Griffonia simplicifolia – Controls the brains serotonin levels
  • Passiflora incarnata – Relaxant that helps anxiety
  • Pyridoxine – Helps the formula pass the blood brain barrier
  • Elletaria cardamomum – Aphrodisiac that supports sexual health
  • Piper nigrum – Helps the body adsorb the formula

However, a breakthrough solution for this problem promises to get rid of this problem. Delay premature ejaculation pills from the Ultra Health is a male sex supplement, which promises to cure this ailment. But is it worth your money, let’s find out!

What is Product

If you want to last 2-3 times longer in bed, then Delay is the solution for it. This premature ejaculation pill is designed to help you prolong penetration give. This also gives you better control over when you are going to ejaculate. Moreover, it delays and controls ejaculation time by improving strong and from erections. This also increases your stamina and sex drive. This is a completely natural product, which helps people tired of premature ejaculation.

Delay Pills

Buy Delay Pills

Now you don’t need to suffer from this medical problem .the delay sports body’s function, and it helps you take control of your ejaculation to be satisfied in bed. A breakthrough in natural products in the market. This is formulated with a unique mixture of herbal ingredients which helps you make this problem a thing of past. It is made of a wide array of natural botanical ingredients; therefore, you won’t need a doctor prescription to buy it.

Delay pills for men sex – Premature Ejaculation Pills – Libido Booster

With this breakthrough solution at your side, you don’t have to face the embarrassment of not lasting long in a bet. When you take it, you will start to notice effects even within the first week; The fact is Delay Pills works toward solving the problem in 3 months. So enjoy long lasting sessions in bed. These pills support normal sexual function as it acts on hypothalamic sensors of the brain. These sensors are responsible for regulation sexual excitement.

Delay Pills - Premature Ejaculation

As it controls the hyperactive activity of the sensor, you get prolonged penetration and better control.  So, it’s time to say good-bye to your manly problem and enjoy your sex life like never before. Take the Delay pills and make premature ejaculation a thing of your past.

About Product

  • How It Works

According to the manufacturer description provided on the official website, the formula is said to be forestalled the incidence of premature ejaculation along with some other sexual problems in men. According to product makers, the natural content of these pills works to control the hormones, which helps for ejaculation. These state that the effect achieved by this formula is achieved by accessing the part of the brain, which controls sexual function of the body.

Delay PillsThis seems very promising but a question that arises here, should we take all of this for granted.  There are a series of clinical trials on victims of this problem, which ended up recording a 92% success rate while most of the subjects were successfully cured.  Once a course of 4 months came to its end, the Delay improved sexual functions of the body.

Moreover, it helps the normal function of the body by access the part of neuro system, which triggers ejaculation. This is achieved by normalizing natural hormones in the body. This gives you perfect control over the ejaculation. The effects start quite early and within weeks of use, the user will enjoy better control over his ejaculation. This is achieved without the loss of sensitivity etc. moreover; there are patients who have reported to experienced heightened pleasure which use of this product.

Delay Pills

For anyone who is tired of their problems in bed, this is a breakthrough solution which delivers what it promises to do. Yes, for quite an affordable price, it tends to play a crucial role in saving your relationship and spicing up your sex life. Therefore, if you want to stop being embarrassed in bed and live up with confidence, this is the best shot you have. These pills are easily available on the market and don’t come with any side effects. Why? It is because Delay is made of natural ingredients and we are going to name them in the following.

  • Ingredients

Withania Somniferous

This is a tonic and aphrodisiac, it’s better known as Indian Ginseng and helps for better endurance. It’s known for boosting testosterone and affecting neurological areas which are responsible for triggering ejaculation in males. This is one of the core components of Delay Pills.

Tribulus Terrestris

This is a small thorny plant with Yellow flowers. It’s used for centuries to improve sexual performance of men. The ingredient is well known for its effects to stabilize testosterone product, which boosts the hormone level. It is used in high concentration in this product.

Dodder Seed

This is an active ingredient which improves penis size and improves sexual performance. It also improves male virility.  It’s a flowering vine like plant, which is easily found in tropical regions. It’s also known by the name of Semen Cuscutae as it helps to improve sperm production and count.

Curculigo Orchioides

This is also known as the black muscle; it’s a specimen of the small flowering plant which is found in Southeast Asia. For centuries, its extracts were used in traditional medicine. It is widely known for improving male fertility and sex drive. In addition, it also improves sperm count in men.

Proven Benefits

Made from Natural Ingredients: The Delay is made up of natural ingredients only. All ingredients included in its formulation are extracts of well-known natural herbs.

Cures Premature Ejaculation: This is a breakthrough solution, which helps you with one of the most common manly sexual issues in the world, it not only cures premature ejaculation but also gives you better control over yourself.

Comes with a Money Back Guarantee: All products of Ultra Health comes with a money back guarantee, and so does Delay. You can return the product within 60 days of purchase if you want.

Improves your Timing in Bed: As you are relieved from premature ejaculation, now you can perform your best in bed and the last longer.

Helps to Achieve Hard Erections: once again, as you don’t have to be embarrassed as your erections are hard and will help you to last long in bed.

Positive Customer Reviews: The product is loved by its users all over and as a token of their respect, they cared to leave positive reviews by praising its effectiveness. Find the links below!

No Side effects: As said before, the product is made of natural ingredients, and it has been clinically tested, therefore it has no side effects or raise any health concerns.

No Prescription Needed: Delay Pills are tested many times and is deemed safe for use. It is made of natural ingredients. Therefore, there is no room for and side effects. Thanks to this, it’s easily available on the market, and you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy it.

How it is better than others

There are many facts that make Delay Pills better than other ejaculation pills available in the market today. First, it’s perfectly safe; there are no side effects of using this product. I come with an affordable price; you don’t need to worry about spending a fortune here. Moreover, you don’t need a doctor prescription to buy it.

Delay Pills

It beats the competition because it’s not only designed to cure premature ejaculation, yes, it helps you against some other sexual issues. Delay Pills includes hard erections and last longer in bed. It is designed for a diverse age range of men. Therefore, you shouldn’t have a problem with taking this product.


  • There are many positive reviews about this product
  • You can easily buy Delay online without any hitch
  • Every purchase is covered by a money back guarantee which is application for 60 days after purchase
  • All of its ingredients are mentioned, there is nothing hidden
  • The official website claims some clinical studies and tests are conducted on Delay
  • Made from only natural ingredients
  • It improves your mental and physical health
  • Delay delivers groundbreaking results within the first week of use
  • It improves your sex performance dramatically
  • Help to achieve intense orgasms
  • Gives you better control over your ejaculation


  • Not verified by Food and Drug Administration
  • Nothing is known about its long-term effects
  • As compared to other products available in the market, it is a bit expensive
  • There are no supportive data of clinical studies and tests
  • There are no official reviews about this product

Recommended Use

The Recommended Dose of Delay Pills is two pills a day. Each bottle of this product comes with 60 pills, and that is equal to a whole month of supply. You need to take the pills daily, and this is disciplined especially in the first month. Yes, so whatever you do make sure you are not missing a dose. If you miss it, you have to take it as soon as it comes striking your mind.  Just don’t take it close to the time of next dose.

Who should take it

These pills are recommended for people who are suffering from premature ejaculation. Keep in mind; this is one of the biggest sexual concern from men all around the world, and the product is carefully designed around its cure. However, the beneficence of Delay Pills is not only limited to curing this problem. It also helps men with a few other problems. Yes, these includes timing in bed and having better erections.

For anyone who is suffering from these problems, they can take Delay, but do concern with your doctor before buying it even though it has no side effects.

About Company

Delay is a product of Health Supplement Company named Ultra Health. Once again, the company is taking health market by storm thanks to its new and effective product which does what it says. On top of that, the product is safe and doesn’t cost much. It offers great discounts, so it’s easily available for the users. The official website has all the contact details you need to have peace of mind about the product and its manufacturer. Plus, you will find numbers of its offices around the world. Moreover, the company encourages you to contact it.


Apart from delivering an effective product, the manufacturers of Delay Pills paid great attention to its consumer and made sure the product is within their budget. This is the reason why this breakthrough solution for some of the most common manhood problems is coming at such an affordable price.  Moreover, the company is offering you groundbreaking discounts, which you can’t afford to miss. Therefore, without much delay, we are going to show these incredible discount offers to you:

  • One Bottle for $50
  • Three Bottles for $100
  • Six Bottles for $200

Note: Delay Pills are the best product deals you will get from anywhere on the market!

Where to buy it

The Delay Pills is a well-recognized and positively reviewed product. It is among the handful premature ejaculation pills, which are available in the market. Thanks to its effectiveness, this product enjoyed mainstream success. It is recognized easily across the internet and therefore you won’t have trouble finding it if you want to buy it. However, for your own sake, make sure you buy from a good and reputed source. If nothing else, you need to buy it from the official website. This way you will have peace of mind that the product is original, and you got the best price.

Delay Pills