ejaculation frequency may decrease prostate cancer risk

The longer you wait until the next time you have an orgasm, the more forceful and ample your ejaculation should be.

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Your volume will be much less if you ejaculate every day. Limiting yourself to waiting 2 to 3 days between ejaculations may result in more noticeable volume.

Many young men (post-pubescent) report ejaculating at least 1 time each day. However, by the time most men reach their 40’s, that rate typically declines to 2 to 3 times a week.

A Newsweek article (September 16, 1996, p. 73) reported data on “average” frequency of orgasm per year by age.

Age Frequency

20 104 orgasms per year

30 121 orgasms per year

40 84 orgasms per year

50 52 orgasms per year

60 35 orgasms per year

70 22 orgasms per year

This data seems a bit on the low side according to my findings listed above…

BUT the point is, if you want a bigger cumshot, try to refrain from ejaculation for several days.