Exercises to Improve Sexual Performance

Exercises for Men to Improve their Sexual Performance

Undoubtedly, working out proves great for your overall health. Several people don’t know the actual benefits of exercise of sexual health. Exercising 3 to 4 times per week may help you to improve your flexibility, sexual endurance and technique. Here are some Exercises for Men to improve their sexual performance.

Weight Lifting

Doctors recommend strength training for their sex life. With the help of weight lifting, you can stimulate your body to increase testosterone production. Remember, testosterone is the main precursor to increase the sex drive of the male. For your sexual life, crunches, sit-ups, and push-ups are suitable exercises.

The muscle-building exercises may improve your sex life by increasing strength of abs, shoulders and chest. Strength of the upper body can increase your stamina. These muscles are important during intercourse.

There are several researchers to prove that workout allows you to increase the ability of your body to produce testosterone. It is an important hormone in the body of males for their fertility. Exercises are beneficial to improve your sex timing and strengthen your pelvic muscles to control your shot load and increase its duration.

Kegels for Men

For men, Kegel is important because it can increase control and endurance by toning your PC (pubococcygeus muscles). Remember, PC muscles are responsible for stopping mid-stream urine flow. This exercise is named after Arnold Kegel, Los Angeles Physician. With this exercise, you can strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor that will lead to the best sex.

You can delay ejaculation with Kegels by contracting pelvic muscles before orgasm. Start Kegels by interrupting your urine flow in the bathroom to learn about PC muscles. Moreover, do Kegels as per your convenience anytime by squeezing your PC muscles. Make sure to hold for ten seconds, relax and do several repetitions before tiring.

Kegel exercises increase the strength of pelvic floor muscles that control your sexual, bowels and bladder function. You can enjoy consistent results with kegel activities for 10 – 20 minutes. You can practice it when masturbating is to avoid stroke with hands, thrust with your hips and flex with this exercise. Reactive, strong kegel muscles prove helpful in the long-lasting, stiff erection.

Remember, contracting your kegel muscles may pinpoint different pleasure zones in the perfect spot. You can move your organ without thrusting. Semen begins to flow by preventing contractions while orgasm. The refractory period may be eliminated or reduced and increase the chances of multiple orgasms.

Undoubtedly, kegel is simple for everyone to do, but several people make mistakes. Poor form can increase the chances of mistakes in kegel. You might use make mistakes, such as poor form, use of several abdominals, squeezing adductors (inner thighs) or gluteals and holding your breath instead of working on pelvic muscles.

To isolate pelvic floor muscles, stand naked before the mirror. Try to lift your testicles without using hands and engage the muscles of the pelvic floor. Imagine lifting nuts to guts or shortening your penis. While doing this, you will observe the lifting of testicles and penis. To locate your pelvic floor, you have to clench sphincter muscles.

You should not hold the breath or contract extra muscles while doing Kegels. Hold your contraction for the count of five and relax your muscles for almost five seconds. Repeat these exercises for almost 10 to 20 times.  Remember, Kegels are beneficial to increase the strength of pelvic floor muscles. Moreover, jumping, squats, running and an orgasm prove helpful to strengthen your pelvic muscles.

Jelqing Exercises

For penis enlargement, jelqing exercises are important. If you want to increase the hardness and size of the penis, feel free to use the jelq. It is proper exercise for beginners. Remember, jelqing is an important technique to stretch the penis. Use of jelqing exercise routines proves helpful for men to increase their penis girth and length. You can do jelqs for almost 5 to 20 minutes per day.

In this exercise, you will do milking like motions. Remember, this Arabic technique requires you to pull on your penis to make it long. The jelq term means milking; therefore, it is similar to milk cattle. Jelqing is an important and safe enhancement exercise for male. With the right technique, warm-up and sufficient rest days, this exercise is absolutely safe.

To get started with jelqing, you can start with penis massage. Here are some important steps to follow:

  • Initially, lubricate the penis with Vaseline and baby oil. Feel free to use any special lubricant.
  • You should not use jelq with maximum erection. Penile exercise can be dangerous, with a 100% level of erection and avoid doing it if you are not trained. Make sure to bring an erection level to almost 50 to 75 percent by stroking the penis. The penis must be relaxed to push blood through smooth muscles during this exercise.
  • Use a main pointed finger and thumb to create an OK-grip.
  • Moreover, begin at the base by putting a grip around the base of the penis. Try to keep it close to the pubic bone.
  • Maintain light pressure on a grip and move a grip slowly toward the penis tip. The idea pressure of jelqing must not hurt you, but efficiently push blood up your penis.
  • Stop your grip directly before it touches your glans. It completes a jelq, and each jelq must take almost 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Once you are done with a jelq, use your other hand and replicate the process.

Fortunately, you can complete this exercise without any equipment. Jelqing and several other penile exercises may help you feel comfortable. You can understand the erection in a better way. Anecdotal evidence of men shares the benefits of jelqing. Make sure to start with a warm of five minutes.

Master and Johnson Technique

The research team of Master and Johnson has Virginia E. Johnson and William H. Masters. They researched in human sexual nature and response. Master and Johnson were the first researchers of America to help couples and people to concentrate on their academic work and solve sexual issues. Their method is known as a squeeze technique.

People use several other names for this technique, such as squeeze and stop, pause squeeze technique and squeeze method. Several people around the world are using this technique to increase their endurance in bed. This technique is famous for premature ejaculation by preventing the existence of manual ejaculation from your body. You have to apply pressure on your penis.

For this technique, you have to understand the anatomy of the penis. The head of the penis joins the shaft at the point of the frenulum. You have to target this area while using this technique. Moreover, the urethra is an important tube that transmits ejaculate out from your body. By stopping sex temporarily and squeezing your penis at the perfect time and in a perfect place, it will be easy to close off your urethra to avoid ejaculation and prolong intercourse.

Method for the Squeeze Technique

This technique is simple but requires maximum practice. Flexibility is an important part of the squeeze technique because you can get the help of a partner or try it on your own. Here are some important steps to follow for the squeeze technique:

Begin by stimulating yourself to become erect. With severe PE, you may need frequent breaks when you have an urge for the climax.

Notice your slightly raised part that may run down the middle of the penile shaft, such as frenulum. Under the head, put your forefinger on the frenulum and put your thumb on either side of the penis.

Put some pressure to frenulum with forefinger and thumb. Give some light squeezes for sufficient practice. It is important to figure out the squeezing level to stop ejaculation flow. Make sure to stop instantly if you are feeling pain.

Now you can normally masturbate to feel the urge of ejaculation. Stop and adjust the position of your hand, squeeze penis for almost five seconds or till your urge for cum finished. Feel free to pause for almost 30 seconds and resume masturbation. Replicate this process almost 4 to 5 times and bring yourself to an edge. Squeeze, resume and pause before orgasm. Initially, you may find it difficult to control orgasm because it needs several sessions to learn a perfect technique.

Do This With Your Partner

You can do this with your partner and allow your spouse to search a comfortable position of the hand. It may help you to grasp a frenulum differently as compared to masturbation. Make sure to demonstrate your partner about pressure and let your spouse practice. Inform your partner about climax through a word or gesture.

After following this procedure, you can start a regular sex routine. If you are at the phase of no return, it is important to signal your partner. Stop this and let your partner use the technique. Once the urge finished, you can pause for almost 30 seconds and resume stimulation.

Replicate this procedure for 4 – 5 times before orgasm. You have to understand the level of enjoyment of your spouse and ensure the satisfaction of your partner. Remember, you can get the desired benefits of this method after three months.