extended sexual stimulation

Extended Sexual Stimulation

Another technique to add to your cumshot arsenal is to extend the amount of sexual excitement for a longer period of time.

Make It Last Longer

During sex with a partner, remain sexually excited and go for penile stimulation for at least 30 minutes (through foreplay, oral sex, or change positions during intercourse for a brief rest) before ejaculating.

Extended Sexual StimulationDuring masturbation, get to the point right BEFORE you feel yourself ready to ejaculate and STOP all stimulation and remove your hand or withdraw from your sex toy.

Allow yourself to recover for just a bit, stop sex or masturbating for a minute or so, then continue your stimulation.

Repeat this “stop-and-go” technique for as long as you possibly can (the longer the better, try to work up to 30 minutes or more).

Eventually you will come to the point where ejaculation is impossible to delay any longer… and will feel pretty intense when you finally get to relieve yourself.

Sex In The Cinema

If you are a member of any XXX websites or own DVD’s that offer “Behind-The-Scenes” BONUS footage of adult movies being made, then maybe you’ve seen the adult directors talking about how long it actually takes to shoot just one scene… or maybe you’ve seen in the “Behind-The-Scenes” footage the actors taking a break from the action while the director sets up the next shot… or you see the short pauses while the lights and cameras move around.

Most scenes that last 15 minutes in the movie can take an hour or more to film…

and during that time, the male actor must keep himself hard (by manually stroking his penis, or with the aid of a fluffer) so that he’s erect and ready when filming begins after every break. It’s hard work that can last hours while filming stops and starts again.

SO… It’s no wonder porn stars have such massive loads. Their prostate has been building up loads of semen for hours before the stud can release himself on film.

I can definitely say that this Extended Sexual Stimulation tip has had one of the greatest impacts on my “Volume“… so take this seriously!

If you are having problems producing more volume after reading the 9 tips in this guide, try The Penis Sucker device below. You can masturbate with it for hours to work up to a huge cum that will almost knock you off your feet by the time you ejaculate.

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‘The Penis Sucker ‘ will be my next adult guide I’ll release (early 2006) which will show you how to build a home-made device you can insert your penis into and masturbate with.

The Penis Sucker is the ultimate in home-made male masturbation at a fraction of the cost commercial sex toys sell for. For just a few bucks in simple materials, I’ll show you how to construct the device in the privacy of your own home and use it as:

a tight little hole for simulated back-door lovin’

a smooth, snug vagina that’s ready anytime

a great blow job machine with a stroking action, you control, that pumps up and down your penis.

When you use ‘The Penis Sucker ‘ to practice lasting longer during sex by extending your masturbation practice, you can stimulate your Prostate into producing more cum volume through the “stop-and-go” technique explained above (on page 8).