Fertility is On the Decline – Why You Should Care

Fertility is On the Decline – Why You Should Care

Most sexually active young men spend a lot of time trying to avoid pregnancy.  Then, when they want to have children, they are shocked to find out that it isn’t so easy.  Studies by the USDA show that both male and female fertility are on the decline for reasons like toxin exposure and poor diet.  Even if you never plan on having children, you should still be worried about your fertility.  Why?  Because infertile men probably aren’t enjoying sex as much as they could be!  Luckily, increasing your fertility and sexual enjoyment is as simple as taking a tablet of Semenax daily.

Your fertility level is linked to all aspects of your health.  For example, if you are under stress, your central nervous system may become off balanced and you stop producing sexual hormones.  If your blood pressure goes haywire, then you could also become less fertile because less blood is flowing to your genitals.

Semenax is a male supplement which is specifically formulated to increase the amount of semen you produce.  This supplement is used by male pornstars to help them get those impressive “money shots” at the end of scenes in which they literally cover a woman with semen.  A large orgasm isn’t just about looking impressive though – it also feels a lot better.

In order to blast out all that cum from your testicles, your body has a series of orgasmic contractions.  Most men will have about 8-10 contractions during an orgasm, with the second contraction expelling most of the seminal fluids. These contractions are what make ejaculation feel so great.  The contractions also feel great for your partner too.

Fertility is On the Decline – Why You Should CareWhen you take Semenax, you are providing your body with a complex formula of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and natural herbs.  Each of the 17 ingredients in Semenax have been clinically proven to support your male sexual system.  The high-quality zinc in Semenax improves pituitary and prostate function so you make more seminal fluid.  The L-arginine in Semenax increases blood flow to the genitals so your reproductive system becomes healthier (you also get great erections because of this too!).  When you combine the benefits of all the Semenax benefits, you can increase you ejaculation volume by 10+ times!

After taking Semenax regularly, your body will be producing amazing amounts of seminal fluids.  Instead of just 8-10 orgasmic contractions, you will need many more contractions to shoot out the fluids.  That means your orgasms last longer and feel better!  So, even if you don’t care about becoming more fertile, Semenax can definitely give your sexual satisfaction a major boost with these incredible finishes!

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