Grab your Bad

Hey buddy now we tell you the most secret idea to grab your bad as long as you want, so it will increase your stamina and sexuality, you just add some new sex position in your bad because, Its very boring to do sex in a only one position and after some time its very normal and also your sex level become decrease, so now the idea is that you can change your sex position and feel more pleasure during sex its become very innovative and seductive feeling for you and your partner and really I am sure that you both enjoy to do a new sex position in each and every day.

Because of some research it may seem, like a really low number, but considering 70% of men ejaculate before they or their partner are satisfied, it’s not surprising so few sexual positions are able to be used.

It’s not the number of positions the average couple use, but is instead a much broader principle: Sex, as a physical act, is fundamentally based around the use of different positions.

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Some Doctors also agree that ejaculating earlier than desired is one of most common underestimated sexual problems of male population. This condition is more common than erectile dysfunction as one in four men experience poor control over ejaculation. Our more sperm pills boost your power now…

The impact of premature ejaculation and low sperm count of men and their partners can be devastating for a relationship. Due earlier ejaculation the pregnancy is organic impossible to achieve unless more sperm pills are used. This situation and lack of sexual satisfaction can generate tension, stress and breaking of relation.

There is no perfect treatment for premature ejaculation and low sperm count. Specialists claim that the problem is more in man’s mind, so they propose some techniques to improve the psychological side of sexual process. But specialist also tell the most secret formula, which is a better treatment for you is- More sperm pills.

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So, let’s take a look at some sexual method that’ll allow you massive control over your arousal levels and always give you the choice of when to cum or when to continue.

  • The first thing to always bear in mind when you have sex is how each sex position you use will affect your arousal control – that is, your ability to maintain an erection and continue sex without interruptions and without ejaculating too soon.
  • The process in more important than objectives. Sex must be a whole experience and man should focus on pleasure in sex rather than the performance.
  • When you first feel those telltale sensations in your penis (the heightened sensitivity and energy that let you know that if you carry on doing what you’re doing you’ll soon explode) don’t panic! Too many men are pushed over the edge; right to ejaculation, because they mentally begin to panic when they feel they’re close to orgasm. Panic phrases rush through their heads, like: “Uh oh, I’m goanna blow!” and “Not again, this is going to be embarrassing.” Instead of letting these counter-productive thoughts fill your mind and quicken the onset of orgasm, instead calmly say in your head: “Okay, I’m close to ejaculating. Time to use an arousal step-down technique.” Then move onto step number two.
  • The most sensitive part of your penis is the top of the shaft and especially the head. To decrease its stimulation (without stopping the ‘action’) slowly and deeply thrust into your partner, as far as you can go and she can pleasurably take.
  • Then, gently grind your hips, wiggling your pubic bone (the hard area above your penis, about 8 inches down from your belly button) on her vagina. To her, this seems and feels like a wonderful stroke variation, which gives her external clitoral stimulation (the number one way to make any woman orgasm).
  • However, behind the scenes, it’s momentarily decreasing your stimulation, enabling you to last longer. This happens because when you plunge deep into her, your penis enters a wider area of her vagina, which lessens its contact and stimulation. Then, to cap it off, you grind and wiggle, instead of thrusting in and out, which further decrease the intense sensations of sex. After 30 seconds or so, your arousal levels will have dropped enough for you to restart your thrusting.
  • Without expectations men are out of disappointment. They must not assign goals; they must see sexual experience as a learning process and discover new things step by step.
  • Certain positions, because of the way your body is posed, put stress on your legs, arms or other parts of your body. This stress, caused by maintaining the position while having sex, makes controlling your arousal and holding back from ejaculation much more difficult.
  • A quiet mind can avoid fear and anxiety. If man tries to concentrate his attention to a complementary activity, like his own breathing, then there is no place for thoughts that might interfere. To create a mutual enjoyment of the sex, men can focus to synchronize his breathing with partners.
  • Going slow is a way to fully experiencing every moment in sex. Breathing, feeling, foreplay, kissing and intercourse are all parts of the sex act that do not need to be rushed

Women love men who take control during sex through the use of different positions. They, however, don’t realize that sex positions give you, as a man, an alternative kind of control – in the form of reliable arousal containment and in the overall improvement of the length and quality of your sexual performance.

Sex, as you well know, is all about fun. Using these step techniques above, you can fully enjoy the experience – without the worry of it all being over too soon! We sure that now you grab your bad as long as possible. So cheer up!