How to cum faster

How to cum faster?

For men, a strong orgasm is a rewarding experience. Some men need extra time to cum, and others may cum in a few minutes. In numerous cases, sex partner may play an important role. When it is about how to cum faster while having sex, different remedies and techniques are available. You may try some of them without any help.

If you are interested in getting off faster, you have to do some extra work before entering the heavy and hot stage. These strategies and techniques prove helpful to make masturbation and intercourse intense.

Try Kegels

Kegels are suitable for people having a vagina. In numerous cases, everyone may enjoy the benefits of toning in PC (pubococcygeus) muscles. Building PC muscles prove helpful to come faster and improve climax quality. The basic kegel exercises need you to relax and contract the muscles in the pelvic region. After identifying muscles, contract these muscles for almost 5 – 10 seconds. Release for five seconds and contract again.

You have to do this 8 – 10 times regularly and complete a set. For fantastic results, perform 3 – 4 sets daily. Masturbation is an excellent way to learn about your preferences. For some people, masturbating before your sex partner may prevent you from quick climaxing. Early ejaculation during the day can slow down your hormones responsible for controlling your sex drive.

How to make him cum faster?

If you are not having a great time, he will notice it immediately. Make sure to enjoy this experience to make your partner cum faster. In case you are bored, stop having sex with your partner. When he notices you enjoying this experience, he will be more aroused.

It is important to find out his preferences. Whether it is sexual positions or blowjobs, if you need to make him cum fast, search the elements that can turn him on. There are different options, such as doggie style, anal play or deep throating. If you are not satisfied with the things that can turn him on, avoid doing them.

Mix Things Up

There is no need to spend 20 minutes to suck his dick. Feel free to switch it to different techniques, such as ride him, a blowjob, a hand job, etc. It is important to make things enjoyable for everyone. Moreover, dirty talks may help you because some men like them. Remember, you have to find out the preferences of your man.

Avoid dirty talks if your man doesn’t like them. If your man preferred dirty talks, you could use some dirty and naughty words. Share your feelings with them about sex between you. It may motivate him to fuck you faster and harder. Feel free to build up sexual tension during the day. Send your man sexy pictures and naughty messages.

New Sexual Position

Same sexual positions can be boring; therefore, it will be good to try new positions. The cowgirl position can be good for you to put direct stimulation on his penis. It is helpful for a harder feeling that men need for orgasm. Feel free to use backward cowgirl because it helps your partner to get off quickly.

Squeezing For Men

If you want to get ready for sex, you can squeeze your pen. Squeezing penis will force extra blood to its head that can make you sensitive temporarily. By increasing your sensitivity, it will be quick for you to get off. For squeezing, you can pull on the testicles skin during his back and forth motion.

It can stimulate different parts of the penis that may not get any stimulation from a technique called thrusting. Moreover, you can try sucking his finger for intercourse in a different style. Sucking on his finger while having sex with him can be helpful for fast ejaculation.

Use Your Imagination Power

For your comfort, you can imagine a sex scene that you desire to have. Try to make love to your wife in different ways. Feel free to involve fantasies in sex in the beginning. The wife can give a different type of intercourse to his husband by sucking his finger. Suck on the finger while he is having sex with you for fast ejaculation.

To turn your partner turned on, you have to make noise. Numerous men focus on the auditory of their partner to enhance their experience. Several men prefer pressure and stimulation that may come from grabbing back of your man in a missionary position.

Keep Your Body Relaxed

Some men find it depressed that they are unable to ejaculate quickly. You can avoid this with deep, long breaths and relaxed muscles. Make sure to relax your muscles around the pelvic area deliberately.

You can stimulate their moan zones and G spots. Remember, G spot of men is available in their prostate. It is inside the anus of a man in the walnut shape. Make sure to give a prostate massage for sexual arousal and maximum joy. Moreover, you may not know about the erogenous zones in men. Feel free to push hard between his anus and scrotum. It is the male G spot or prostate. If you are stimulating the penis, it may increase the chances of strong ejaculation.


If you want to know How to make her cum faster, you have to spend some valuable time on foreplay. Several people like orgasm before and during sex. Moreover, you can help her to cum faster with oral sex. Here are some great sex positions that will help you to give her impressive orgasm:

There are different routes for female orgasm. Some women may get an orgasm through vaginal intercourse. For others, you have to try clitoral stimulation. Here are some exciting positions for your woman to feel pleasure.

Missionary Position

A missionary sex position is famous among everyone. Females prefer this position to keep men in control. The basic position is simple and requires the men to stay on top while facing women. For beginners, it is a simple position. It may not need athleticism and know-how.

There will be more kissing and eye contact. Moreover, they can enjoy the body, legs and hand contact. You can create different positions and put a pillow under hips. It will help you to penetrate your partner deeply and hit her G-spot.

Reverse Cowgirl

It is an important variation to keep women on the top. The lady will point her head in another way. In this position, the man lies down, and the woman stays over him squatting or kneeling while he faces the back. The flexibility of this position allows females to lean backwards or forward while keeping torso straight.

The man may keep both legs arched or straight. The woman can get advantage of different variations. In this position, a woman can control the rhythm and pace of men. She can set a schedule for sex and change to different angles to hit his sweet spot. She can rub her clitoris for orgasm and motivate her man to hit her G-spot while giving a powerful orgasm.

Doggie Style

Doggie style or rear entry may lose out to female-on-top. In this position, a woman will go on her knees and allow her partner to enter from behind. Several variations may have the female lying with a downward face. For more leverage, you can keep a pillow under her stomach.

The position is excellent because it permits deep penetration to target the G-spot. It is located along her front vaginal wall. There is sufficient room to stimulate clitoral that could increase the convenience of orgasm.

Keep Female on Top

A woman can understand her body in a better way; therefore, considers her preferences. You can keep women on top for an excellent sex position. In this way, she can achieve the best orgasm and control. This position is also famous as a reverse missionary posture. For deep penetration, this position is excellent. It gives complete control to women and directs their male partners to take their preferred place and manage the thrusting.

Standing Sex

For some people, this position could be difficult to achieve. It needs a particular degree of athleticism and strength. This position has several benefits. The female partners may sit against the wall with her back and allows the male partners to enter her. Male partner can hold her up for better control. The posture permits for better penetration and permits for clitoral stimulus with different feasible angles.


It is another position to make her cum faster. You have to lie on the side of your partner facing a similar direction. Remember, your partner will be behind you and bends his knees to push his rear toward you for easy access to your vagina. Adjustment of bodies may vary because different angles are available for thrusting and rocking.

Male partner can play with the breasts of his female partner. Based on different angles, you can manually stimulate her clitoris. With this position, you can get the advantage of body contact and deep penetration. Remember, you will need her agreement before selecting any position.