How to Cure Premature Ejaculation to strengthen your pc muscle

Strengthen Your PC Muscle

The male’s ejaculation is governed most strongly by contractions of the urethra, prostate and the muscles at the base of the penis. Buy Ejacutrol pills for boosting semen and testosterone level

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In addition to working your prostate overtime by the Extended Sexual Stimulation tip earlier (on page 8), you can also develop the muscles at the base of your penis called the PC muscle (short forpubococcygeus muscle) which surrounds the anus and prostate gland.

Strengthen Your PC Muscle

When you ejaculate, your PC muscle involuntary pumps. If you work to strengthen your PC muscle, after a few months of doing so, you should notice stronger, more powerful ejaculations.

How To Strengthen Your PC Muscle

To develop a more powerful PC muscle, you will be performing basic Kegel exercises (after Arnold Kegel, M.D.). Kegels were initially given to women with weak bladder control.

In fact, the PC muscle is the same muscle for both men and woman, and women who develop their PC muscle not only improve their bladder control but can also experience more powerful orgasms as well.

Finding Your PC Muscle

In order to perform Kegel exercises, you must first learn to locate and contract your PC muscle.

Three basic ways to learn how to locate your PC muscle are:

Stop and start your urine in mid-stream

Pretend to hold back a bowel movement by tightening your anus

Make your penis bounce up and down once you have an erection

Kegel Exercises

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with you’re ready to begin Kegel exercises

locating and contracting your PC muscle, (Kegels) to strengthen your PCmuscle.

Start with a routine of 3 days a week…

>> Short Squeezes << Start with 10 to 20 quick, short squeezes, known as fluttering (contracting and relaxing as rapidly as possible), to see how well you are able to contract your PC muscle multiple times. Once you are comfortable with the exercise, do 20 to 50 short squeezes, 2 times a day until the routine becomes effortless – then go for higher repetitions. Work your way up to 100 short squeezes per set, 2 times a day.

>> Long Squeezes <<

When you can comfortably do 100 short squeezes – 2 times a day, you are ready for long, sustained squeezes. Unlike the short squeeze, you want to contract your PC muscle and hold for a count of 10 seconds. Add 5 long squeezes after each set of 100 short squeezes each day you do your Kegels. Over time, as you continue doing Kegels, work your way up to holding your long squeezes for 20 seconds (or as long as youcan).

Note: Be carefully NOT to over do it in the beginning. If you do your Kegels too frequently and hold your squeezes for too long, your PC muscle may become soar (similar to when you start working out with weights and overload on the Bench Press the first day). Start slow and work up to a comfortable routine.

Strengthen Your PC Muscle A Basic Kegel Routine Consists of: 100 short squeezes (1 secondeach) Take a brief rest Finish with 5 long squeezes (10 to 20 secondseach) Repeat 2 times a day, 3 days each week After a few months of performing your Kegels on a regular basis, you should notice stronger, more powerful ejaculations.

IMPORTANT: During my research on the PC muscle and Kegels, I came across an interesting concern. Apparently one man was confused about HOW to use his newly developed PC muscle during ejaculation. He wasn’t sure if he was to squeeze his PC muscle to stop the semen during ejaculation… and then release his PC muscle to then let his semen out after it had built up… … or was he to simply flex his PC muscle during ejaculation to help shoot his semen out?

THE ANSWER: To limit this confusion, this is how it works: When you ejaculate, your PC muscle involuntary pumps. That basically means you have limited control over the ejaculation process (once it starts, you can’t stop it). A stronger PC muscle will create a more forceful ejaculation no matter what you try to do, meaning do your Kegels and a stronger ejaculation will happen naturally.

TO CONFIRM: DO NOT try to stop your semen with your PC muscle during ejaculation and then release your PC to let your semen out… doing so may actually produce a very poor cumshot.

In fact, squeezing your PC muscle to stop ejaculation is one way you can help repeat your “stop-and-go” technique to try to delay your orgasm during your Extended Sexual Stimulation practice as explained on page 8 earlier.