How to shoot a big load

How to shoot a big load?

For a good lover, it becomes important to shoot a big load. In numerous cases, women may not care about shooting a big load. Things can be different for each individual. Men often feel happy for having a bigger dick, but their obsession for size does not end there. If you are unsatisfied with cum volume, you may experience distress in your relations.

Unsatisfied men may experience anxiety, sexual dissatisfaction, fear of failure and other issues. The average ejaculation volume is almost 3 milliliters to 5 milliliters. Semen amount in a person may decrease. Remember, peak production may occur from 30 to 35 years of age.  If you want to learn how to shoot a big load, here are some expert advices.

Change Your Lifestyle

If you want to shoot a big load, it is important to change your lifestyle. Obesity can impact your sperm count. It is important to lose weight and naturally improve your sperm count. Increase consumption of vegetables, fruits and greens. Your body needs healthy food with antioxidants to improve your sperm quality and count.

Regular mild – moderate exercise is necessary and useful, but avoid high-intensity, severe training. A general workout at the gym will not hurt your sperm count. Make sure to avoid extra alcohol and tobacco consumption. It can decrease the quantity and quality of sperm. Moreover, avoid lengthy soaks in a hot tub because prolonged exposure to heat can damage the sperm.

Decrease Frequency of Cum

It is common sense to get bigger loads. Make sure to decrease the frequency of ejaculation. If you are masturbating daily, you will drain your semen reserve before they are filled up and your cumshots will be small. For heavy cum, wait for almost 2 to 3 days before each sex.

You have to decrease the frequency of sex to refill cum reserves. Give yourself a break for 1 to 2 days to get your ejaculation levels back. Avoid frequent masturbation and reserve it for the actual time when you are horny.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can decrease semen volume and count. It can impair your sex performance. Regular consumption of alcohol is dangerous for your testosterone levels. Remember, heavy drinking can shrink your tests and decrease lower levels of testosterone.

Consumption of alcohol can dehydrate your body. Hydration is an essential factor for the production of semen. With an unhealthy diet, you can’t expect shooting like fountains.

Quit Smoking

Regular smoking is associated with decreased motility of sperm, low sperm amount and poor morphology of sperm. Smokers may jizz less, and their sperm may not swim well. Their sperm may not swim well, and sperm cells misshaped.

Remember, heavy smoking can impact your fertility; therefore, it is essential to stop smoking to have a baby. Undoubtedly, smoking is injurious to your health.

Excellent Sleeping Habits

Men need a sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours each night to increase semen volume. You can improve your sperm count with better sleep. It can improve your fertility and produce a huge semen load. Your body needs sufficient rest to produce more sperm volume and cells. In this way, you can understand the relation between sperm cells and sperm volume.

Decrease the Level of Stress

Several studies suggest that the stress of your life decrease sperm quality. For the biggest cumshots, you have to manage your stress. It will be difficult to improve sperm count with hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol in your veins. Daily stress may impact your mind, semen and physical health.

In numerous cases, you can decrease the stress level by changing your lifestyle. Some easy remedies are getting more sleep, change jobs and move to a new place. Feel free to try different techniques, such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness and therapy.

Special Exercises for Massive Cumshots

To shoot a big load, here are some exercises that may prove helpful. You can do them frequently to improve your sexual performance.

Kegel Exercises

These exercises are associated with females, but they are essential for men. These can strengthen the muscles of your PC. The muscles of the pelvic floor play an important role to control the flow of your urine. You can test the strength of your muscles by stopping your pee flow mid-stream. It is essential to exercise these muscles frequently.

Regularly do kegel exercises to decrease problems associated with premature ejaculation. After getting acquainted with pelvic floor muscles, it will be easy for you to regulate the flow of sperm and urine. Increase the strength of your muscles around this area to improve orgasms.

You will need kegel exercises if you are habitual to use prostate toys for intense multiple orgasms. These muscles are associated with the sexual health of men. Prostate toys may increase the chances of hands-free cumming.

Visit Gym

In a gym, you can improve your overall health. It is an easy way to improve your cumshots. A well-functioning and healthy body can efficiently shoot a huge cum load. Remember, a properly shaped body can boost your physical and self-confidence and improve sexual stamina. By visiting the gym, you can make your body attractive to several sexual partners.

Penis Pumping: A Risky Solution

Penis pumping before having sex may prove helpful to improve ejaculation power and semen volume. Remember, a penis pump can increase your arousal and increase pressure. It will make sperms to explode quickly from your cock. This process can temporarily increase the penis size and make it engorged-looking. Remember, penis pumping has several health risks; therefore, try to avoid it.

Techniques to Increase Cumshots in Evening

Undoubtedly, lifestyle changes and exercises may help you increase semen loads. You can try some other things to try in your bedroom during sex.

Get the Advantage of Edging

Edging is an important sexual activity to stimulate the penis to a climax point and stop before ejaculation. It may allow your orgasm to die down before stimulating your penis again. Edging is a BDSM action between couples, and it can be practiced during vanilla sex and masturbation.

Remember, edging is beneficial for men struggling with premature ejaculation. It may be beneficial for men who struggle while producing cum ropes as per their dreams. By almost cumming numerous times, you can boost your level of arousal. It makes your final climax powerful because of all the anticipation and teasing.

However, sex toys prove helpful for edging. Feel free to perform it like a handjob, blowjob or take breaks during penetrative sex. Try edging a penis through masturbation almost 1 to 2 hours before a sexual encounter. Make sure to avoid cumming before getting into your bedroom.

Discover Foreplay 

For several men, sex is similar to a mission, such as they want to ejaculate. Sex will be enjoyable if it is relished. You can start an enjoyable foreplay journey, with teasing and arousal. These activities before full-blown sex can help you to increase the level of enjoyment and fun. Foreplay with your female partner proves helpful in vaginal lubrication to make sex comfortable. Try to arouse yourself naturally without slapping a dick around. It will help you to produce more cum for a climax.

Use Your Cock Ring

Cock ring proves helpful to last longer in your bedroom. Men use them to make orgasm intense and enjoyable. These are designed for blood flow restriction to an erect penis and help you to stay hard for a long duration. You can get a large erection and postpone orgasm for some time.

The principle for cock rings and edging is the same. It proves great to avoid cumming quickly. You have to build up large cumshots via sex process. Undoubtedly, cock rings are suitable for a strong orgasm.

Delay Technique

Premature ejaculation may decrease the chances of strong cumshot. If you take less time for orgasm, your cumshot may be less impressive. Some delay spray products may help you to improve your ejaculation. These will help you to last long in a bedroom.

Some delay spray products may cause men to extend intercourse from almost 0.6 minutes – 3.8 minutes as compared to the placebo group. It can prolong intercourse to almost 1.1 minutes. Several methods may help you to improve ejaculate volume.

Best Food Items to Improve Cum Load

By changing our diet, you can easily improve semen volume. Avoid eating a bad diet because it can impact your overall health. In the first step, water is important for your overall health. Try to drink more water to shoot an impressive load. Remember, it may not help you to boost a sperm population.

Drink almost eight glasses of water daily to improve your wellbeing. Focus on the urine color to learn about your hydration level. If your urine is pale or transparent, you are well hydrated. The green or yellow color means your body needs more water.

Ginger is an excellent herb to boost the level of testosterone. It can increase sperm quality of a man. You can combine green tea and ginger because these are excellent for your overall health. Regular use of green tea will help you to improve sperm quality and count.