is lifestyle causes of low sperm count

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Is lifestyle causes of low sperm count

“Health is Wealth”, means health is everything to your life and if you unhealthy than it may create bad impact to your mental, physical and as well as your sexual life. Quantity and quality, both depends to your Good health. And good health makes enough sperm count, because the quality of the sperm is just as important as the quantity of the sperm.

Your bad health may have an affect on your ability conceive. Physical or mental stress can temporarily reduce sperm count. So here we introduce some causes of low sperm count which effect to your lifestyle:

Stress, due to, Emotional and physical Stress it may interfere with the hormone GnRH and reduce sperm counts.

Sex Problem, Lubricants used with condoms, including spermicides, oils, and Vaseline, can affect fertility. Oil-based lubricants can damage latex condoms and should be avoided.

Body temperature, Excessive exposures to such as from high fevers, heat like sauna, hot bath channels to low sperm count. Hence, keep away from heaty articles and also from heavy metals.

Substance Abuse, Cocaine or heavy marijuana use appears to temporarily reduce the number and quality of sperm by as much as 50%.

Risks of smoking, it potentially causing lung cancer and respiratory disease, smoking may contribute to infertility. it has been known to increase the risk of tubal pregnancies, cervical cancer and pelvic infections, and has been linked to sperm problems in men. An earlier study reported that men who smoke also have lower sex drives and less frequent sex.

Malnutrition and Nutrient Deficiencies, Deficiencies in certain nutrients, such as vitamin C, selenium, zinc, and folate, may be particular risk factors for infertility.

Overweight or Obesity, Some studies, found an association between obesity in men and infertility. Weight may impact a woman’s fertility. Being overweight or underweight obese may reduce a woman’s fertility. Being obese may increase the risk of infertility, may cause irregular or infrequent menstrual cycles, and may increase risk of miscarriage.

Bicycling, Bicycling has been linked to impotence in men and also may affect fertility. Pressure from the bike seat may damage blood vessels and nerves that are responsible for erections.

Alcohol’s impact on fertility, Alcohol consumption has been shown to compromise the fertility of both men and women.

Limiting the intake of caffeine, Low consumption of caffeine might be lower a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant. Higher amounts may make it harder to conceive. Caffeine can be found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, and chocolate.

Occupational risks, Exposure to toxic substances on the job, such as pesticides, radioactivity, x-rays, and electromagnetic or microwave emissions may lead to sperm abnormalities.

Exercise, Regular excessive exercise can cause harm which increases stress also.

Very frequent intercourse, can lead to a dramatic reduction in sperm count and cause the man to be effectively infertile. If you ejaculate as much as 2 to 3 times a day you are likely to have a problem.

Other causes, include zinc deficiency, infections present in prostate gland, and anabolic steroid use.

So all these causes can effect your daily life style and if you want to save these problems, take Supplementing diet with the right long-chain omega fats may help to correct any hormone imbalances and restore one’s sexual desire.

Combining the benefits of ultra-pure EPA and organic evening primrose oil. so if you have any query, just visit to our website and ask, about your problems to our doctors and specialist so after their suggestion, and if you need pills than you can take pills alse, which prescribed and tests by a sex specialist and surely it may helpful to your sexual life because these pills are tested so many time and it have no side effect.


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