Is Vasectomy a cause of Male Infertility

According 2001 study, Vasectomy, the big cause of infertility in men seeking to conceive. 56% of men in the study were seeking a reversal of this procedure. Thirty years ago, this was a factor in only 5% of men seeking help for fertility.

Vasectomy, the primary sterility procedure in men, is the most common cause of sperm autoantibodies (also called anti-sperm antibodies). Experts believe their typical development is as follows:

Vasectomy works by severing the vas deferens, the tube that carries sperm from the testicles to the urethra (which leads out of the penis).

  • After vasectomy, sperm continue to be produced but, instead of being confined to the reproductive passages, they leak out into the body.
  • Here, the immune system may perceive them as foreign invaders and develops antibodies to attack them.

Male Infertility

Such antibodies often persist, even if a man restores sperm flow by a successful reversal procedure (vasovasostomy). The persistence of anti-sperm antibodies may result in infertility.

Antibodies to sperm can also appear in men without previous vasectomies and have been reported to be present in 10% of all men with fertility problems. They may be linked to genital infections or injury, although the cause is usually not known.

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