Regarding infertility, most people have wrongly accused women as the cause of it. What they don’t know is the fact that over than 50% of infertility is caused by men. How can men be infertile? It’s all about numbers. Or in this case is related to your sperm count. A normal, healthy, sperm count is really important because this can be the key that you need to have a child. Of course, it’s not only the numbers that count, there’s other factor, physiological ones that are important too.

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Increasing Sperm Count

Alas, the male reproductive system is not as simple as it looks. There’s some complexity and factors to be considered to promote good reproductive health. We’re going to see about increasing sperm count first, then we will also discuss a bit about sperm motility and others.

What is sperm count? Sperm count is basically the number of sperm inside a certain amount of your cum. The World Health Organization standard is 20.000.000 sperm per millimeter of cum. Because usually your semen volume when you ejaculate is about 2 ml, that gives you around 40.000.000 sperm normally.

Why do you need so much of them? That’s because it’s that difficult to make certain that pregnancy can be attained. The journey from the women’s cervix to the egg is difficult. 90-95% of the sperm died during the journey . Not to mention that there’s two fallopian tube (as the container of the egg) and only one contain the egg at any specific time. That cuts roughly another 50% of the sperm that survived, on the account that they gather in the wrong fallopian tube. Moreover, since sperms have a short lifespan, the timing of the intercourse is vital for them to be able to reach the egg in time.

For those who don’t know, sperm count is measurement of sperm concentration in man’s seminal fluid. Do not confuse between the terms sperm volume and sperm production. If a man has got lesser than normal rate of sperm count then it is a major problem. It should be taken care of immediately. If there is a delay in treating it then it will completely ruin the fertility and ability of a man in impregnating a woman. It could result in low self-esteem plus decrease the level of pleasure while having sex.

Sperm count might get affected due to certain environmental or biologic factors like:

1) Stress – At times due to personal problems or work issues a man could become quite stressed out. During such time there is an imbalance in hormones which leads to lesser sperm production.

2) Sexual anxiety – Some men have premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction and this results in low sperm count since they have anxiety over their poor sexual performance.

3) Frequent intercourse – Ejaculating too much could also lead to low sperm volume. When a man waits for a certain period between his ejaculations, it improves the fertility as well.

4) Taking excessive drugs – Using cocaine, marijuana and excessive alcohol also contribute to low sperm count.

Whatever others may tell you, using herbal sperm max pills, spermomax side effects is the best method to cure yourself of low sperm count quickly and naturally. These herbal pills do not contain side effects plus resolve the problem efficiently.

The Catuaba bark that is used in volume pills enhances the libido and cures impotency. This particular herb along with the Muira Puama does wonders for sperm volume in males. There is nothing to be worried about while taking the herbal sperm pills. Natural herbal compounds take a shorter time to give extra ordinary results unlike the other over-the-counter medications that come with so many side effects.

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