The 2nd Male G-Spot

Depending on the size of your penis, about 1/3 to 1/2 of it actually lies inside your body (see the diagram below).

The internal portion of your penis can be externally massaged and responds to manual stimulation at a spot directly behind the base of your scrotum called the perineum area.

Perineum Area

The male’s perineum area is often referred to as the 2nd male G-spot. The skin just below the underside tip of the penis called the frenulum is the male’s 1st G-spot.

Many men have yet to realize that their perineum area is such a sensitive area on their body.
Hit Your G-Spot For Distance

Once I became aware of the power of my perineum area, I apply a little pressure by massaging the area directly behind the base of my scrotum (to externally massage the internal portion of my penis) a few seconds before I finish stimulating my penis to ejaculate… and I can usually shoot the first 2 streams several feet each time.

You can use anything to massage your perineum: your finger, her finger, a dildo, a sex toy etc. Let your partner use her finger to apply pressure and massage your perineum area during her next oral sex adventure on you. It feels GREAT.