According to some people, breaking open the capsule can also offer increase results. However, some people think it’s not a good idea. The primary reason is that it’s a time release capsule. Though it gives slow results, but they are effective in the long term. Moreover, when you take the pill on a full stomach, the effect lasts for about six hours.

Can You Take It With Alcohol?

will extenze work the first time i take it

Surprisingly, a lot of people ask this question about male enhancement products. According to most customers, drinking some alcohol with Extenze does not cause any major problem. In fact, it does not even have a major impact on the desired results. However, you may notice some increase in your heart rate and blood pressure when combining alcohol with the pills.

According to research, the reason why this happens is that the pills contain yohimbe. When it combines with alcohol, it causes your blood pressure to spike, and may even cause headaches. Most healthcare experts believe that you should refrain from taking this product with alcohol. That being said, Extenze pills are the most effective male enhancement product available in the market. The product is not only effective, but also affordable. Moreover, it makes sure you achieve desired results within just a few days.

Why Choose Extenze?

Good results – Extenze has a track record of providing results.

Safe – The supplement is doctor approved and contains safe ingredients.

You need to realize that extenze is a performance enhancer for your penis. It isn’t a penis enlargement pill. When you take the supplement you will get hornier, have an easier time getting an erection, have an easier time staying erected, and you’ll be able to last longer in bed.

Male enhancement pills such as Extenze are herbal supplements that help to increase a man’s size. It also acts as a daily supplement since it is packed with essential herbs and nutrients which help promote overall health. Because of the guarantees it offers, male enhancement pills have become popular especially for those who want bigger and harder erections.

will extenze work the first time i take it

A lot of people say that Extenze pills do not work. The truth is they just don’t know how to use Extenze pills properly. Although the pills offer a trial period for 60 days, you must be able to use it properly and follow the Extenze pills directions accordingly to maximize the results.

Determine first if there is a need to take Extenze pills. There are also natural ways on how to improve your sex life such as changing the diet and strength training exercises. If those did not work and you want to last longer in bed, then Extenze pills can be your best friend.

Buy Extenze pills from a reliable site. It is important to make a purchase from trusted selling sites since you will give out your personal information once you hit the order button. At the same time, make sure that the site provides a money back guarantee for at least 30 to 60 days. You also need to find out whether the money back guarantee runs from the day the order was placed or at the time the pills were received.

Do not forget to measure the size of your member. Simply looking at it will do but to be more accurate, measure it using a tape measure. This can help you gauge whether the product really works on you or not. At the same time, it can help you decide if there is a need avail of the money back guarantee.

If you are happy with the results after 60 days of use, then order more Extenze pills and keep taking it on a daily basis. Your desired size will be achieved after 3 to 4 months of use so you need to be patient. And if you order for a minimum of two-month supply, you can get a free gift too such as the Extenze lube or free shipping.

You need to make sure that there is nothing more serious going on inside before you take any enhancement pills. While Extenze is a safe pill with no reported side effects, it cannot treat the underlying conditions that are brought about by erectile dysfunction.

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